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Paths have ups and downs
Whatever we choose it’ll be difficult
So don’t be afraid to make mistakes
Don’t just wait up on a miracle
And you ain’t got no brakes.
It’s funny how we’re all so afraid
Cause tomorrow everything could change
Don’t worry we’ve so many games to be played
Live life as it’s one big party.
Spread your colors and be a hearty
Different story a different name
We all gotta enjoy the ride
You gotta live life
Everyone here wanna young die
Let your colors burst
Keep your faith warm through the worst

Have you ever nearly lost your mind?
Then realized it was just a waste of time?
It’s good to know I’m not the only one
Just dance and bloom in the sun.
Let not dull your colors
Keep it alive like lovers
Let it not die and turn into black and white
Whatever you do tonight
Just shine like a starlight.

21 thoughts on “Colors”

      1. You are welcome. I liked the artwork and positive words. I told my children what my Grandfather told me. When you are young. Travel, test life and have some fun. You are young for just a short while.

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