It begins With You.



First of all, I want to say to all the people out there dealing with life’s worst situations,hold on.You’re stronger than you know and you deserve to be jovial and you have a beautiful heart and soul.No one is like you and you are your own hero.

Kindness takes a lot of courage and kind words costs you nothing.This world which is nasty and dishonest and shows you sinister realities,there, kindness can give hope to survive.Hope to live and to see all the beauties that once covered with gloom.It’s just need a light and that light could be your kindness.

Be kind.Think before you speak because words can be dangerous. You don’t know what someone is going through and you’ll never know there story even when that person is your own best friend. You won’t know when you’re just joking about her weight and the next thing she will do is to starve herself to death.You are making fun of his low grades and you don’t even realize how hard it was for him to just even get out of his bed.How you never noticed that he was trembling.
You never know that your words could be like a burden to them that they carry on their shoulders for forever and that would be so distressing.You never can tell if a person is dealing with anxiety.The nights are always disturbed.It’s crucial to be kind with each and everyone. 

A single word can make a heart open but also a single word can obliterate everything.Words have power and you know once it’s out of the mouth you can’t take it back.What’s done is done.Sometimes words do sabotage a life.

Kindness is a language that is comprehend beyond the human boundaries.An act of kindness never goes futile.Please be kind to everyone and it will reflect in your and his behavior.Being kind to others instills a positive feeling and makes this world a better place to live.Even nature has also it’s own ways of expressing gratitude and kindness.

Kindness is taught by every religion but it is not only a religious virtue.But it can be very well adjusted in all spheres of life.
I personally believe that ‘What goes around comes around’.So, just be kind and polite and the same will come back to you.Also being kind to self is equally important as being kind to others.Don’t be harsh on yourself and give space to the trivial mistakes in life.


“Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and a blind can see.”

Mark Twain


14 thoughts on “It begins With You.

  1. Powerful post. Reawakening to the meaning of kindness. Words are so powerful they can make us so happy or the a knife through the heart. The saying goes..sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me.

    Thank you for sharing a great post.
    Regards bella

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