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Summer Love



I see her in cool shades

having some tan on the beach.

A sparkling blue sea,

I see him surfing on frothy waves.

The little kids building their dream sand castles,

Schools out and summer’s in.

Party nights blaring all the city

Water fights to have everybody hell crazy

I see her losing herself  to the sounds,

of her favorite band.

Feeling the breeze on her face,

Exploring scenic country paths.

Laying on a rooftop all day,

cooling with an ice cream in hand,

The stars burning extravagantly all night.

I see her in the park with a book,

Chirping birds and scorching air flowing was all it took

to bring a smile on her face.

I see him looking at the bright white sky,

where pearly clouds have it all covered.

A season where we learn how to break the rules

Ignoring your head and following your heart

It’s just the start here

Everything’s so clear

Let’s give summer a big fat cheer!




THIS SUMMER: do something new, something you’ve never done. Something you were always scared of. This summer act crazy and don’t care about what people will think. This summer don’t worry if you’re single, that’s what friends are for,right? This summer set a new goal that you always wanted to achieve. This summer live each day as it is your last. Don’t stress over your body, you’re beautiful just the way you are. Breathe in the ocean and live it without regrets. Go out there leave your phone for sometime and just focus on living in the moments and making memories that you could cherish forever.


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