A girl without a name.


Sometimes I wonder if things truly never end, or if they keep on living inside us___killing us slowly.
Sometimes I wonder why good things end? Why do they end before they even began? Why do they end when you’re still not done writing the story?


I was here when you couldn’t see my affliction behind my smile.You asked me what happened whenever I looked drifted apart by my thoughts  and I always replied with a ‘Nothing’ Why you couldn’t see the truth behind those brown eyes?
I was here when I was drowning in silence,where you could save me but you were too busy.
I was here when at times I already felt dead but you could bring me back to live just by holding my hands.But simply you were not there.
I was here all this time standing alone, my scars speaking of my wars.
I gave everything to you.I think I was an extra for you.I always listened to your worries never let you faced those hardships alone.I was always there making you realize how strong you were.I simply was not only there in your good but bad times too.
But sadly you were not there when I needed you the most.That’s not fair I know but I forgive you.I tried to heal the wounds in your chest.I hope I did and I hope you’re feeling good now.I was here and I did my part.I found my peace in the infinity sky.I hope you’ve found yours too.Don’t live in regret it’s time you move on.


“You see we are humans and we need somebody once in a while.No matter how independent we are or how strong we are.We need somebody for a little while who can just hold your hand and say ‘It’s gonna be okay.Don’t worry I am here for you.’


5 thoughts on “A girl without a name.

  1. As always a great post.

    There is a circle of life. It starts beautifully and decays slowly then it is renewed. Then it starts again beautifully , decays, renews. We are all immortal souls but we forget this and we think we are bodies. We are at a time of global dispair and others dispair impacts us as well as our own. Only the Divine can give us that injection of peace, love, wisdom and take us out of dispair. But we fail to remember him.

    I think i need to take this comment and make it a blog post ?

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      1. Okay Jamila, I will write something about it. I have been putting off writing about this topic for over a year, cause it is really really really deep, not sure how digestible the post will be. Anyway, with your encouragement I will put down in the list of blog post to write

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