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Girls on fire!



Here’s to all the girls:

The one who is too shy to speak.
They don’t get everything that they want.
They are hopeless romantics and the daydreamers.
who feel insecure walking among the crowd.
who are dealing with social anxiety.
who barely wake up in the morning after a long night of Instagram, music, andย reading.
who never cares what people are saying and does their own thing.
who wear little to no make up because they love to stay natural.
who’d rather spend the day with a book than people.
who have a little group of friends.
who eats whatever and whenever they like.
who don’t have tons of clothes and shoes because they don’t really have to leave the house to go to different places.
who barely care about dark circles under their eyes or not so perfect skin whoย loves fiction and thinks it’s the most beautiful.
who have had their heart broken by a guy they never even dated.
who have never switched off their light.

Here’s to all the girls like me, who have no idea how they’ll survive it but every single time they do survive it. The girls who breathe through the fear, and walk through fire!
Stay beautiful and bubbly. Let not the world bringย 
you down. Never doubt your fire, girl! Do your own thing because you’re doing just perfectly.


She didn’t just walk on a wild side, she lived there, dancing in the streets and setting fire to the sky. _J.iron word



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