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He came and my world flipped.
He said he was in love with me
And I so young, fall for him foolishly
I wasn’t thinking too much,
I longed for this kinda fairytale love!
I wish I could tell my 14-year-old self
Love wasn’t supposed to be like this.


That’s when it hit me,
I realized how naive I had been
To think I had fallen for him.
He was never the one,
In course of my reality.
I think I just wanted someone
Who could fit the part.
And bring solace to my heart.


Suddenly I got lost in him,
And the things he said to me,
made me want to hear him more.
A desire to talk to him more.
How much I adored those moments
which now have faded into a place
I never would want to go.
I had my own love story.
Back then, I was proud to have one.


All of our needs and fantasies
We thought it could happen in reality.
But we got it all wrong.
We think it’s something to find out there,
A perfect match just like in fairy tales.
But love was never him.
And when now, I think about it
It makes me feel so dumb.


He said I was beautiful,
But he never told me how strong I was,
He never listened what my heart-felt,
like it didn’t matter to him at all.
He never tried to know me.
He just kept saying how much he loves me.
And it was not enough, I realized.


One year later:
She looked in the mirror
And she could see the most beautiful woman.
She turned her weakness into strengths
She was brave and full of love.
And this time,
She didn’t need anybody to tell her that.


We could never love someone
Until we learn
how to love ourselves.


Honestly, Love is delicate. Sometimes it’s different from the movies or books we read. Everyone has its own personal definition of love. When you really feel it, the world comes into focus. You have to be careful while deciding if you’re really in love with someone. Because I know that feeling when you are wrong about it. It hurts very much, and you completely fall apart. Listen to your heart and nothing else. It will guide you rightly.

As APRIL GREEN said: For me — falling in love is about meeting someone who helps me fall in love with myself.


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