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Ciao Adios


Looking at the moon
underneath the stars
I didn’t say a word
but they understood
the beating of my heart.
He told me nothing
but I knew everything.


As I laid down
My heart did all the talking
Mind did all the thinking,
Of that very moment
when I met him.
I was at that point
Where I stopped dreaming,
stopped believing in love
surrounded by chaos inevitable

I can’t thank him enough
To give me my passion,
in which my heart burned.

I didn’t want to fail
In my eyes, so I
Brave enough freed by love.
As they say, true love never dies.
And this love will be here
till forever ends.
And I, with my delicate heart
Bid him my last goodbye,
From every thought, every memory,
Every moment, every hope.

I let him be, and I let him, love
Who he wants to love.
And with every success,
That comes in his way
Of all he did, And in all, he believes.
I will be smiling with pride.
Even the Universe cherishes and admires,

the love I always had, have, and will, for him.


Sometimes some love stories do not have a happy ending. You love someone and you can’t say it to them because there are certain things you don’t wanna mess with.
You fall into this one-sided love, accept that you won’t be able to have them in your life. It’s not easy but with time you comprehend that love is a greater force and it’s more than just an emotion. We move on and we know we’re gonna carry this love in our hearts forever.

As ELIF SHAFAK said in his book, The Forty Rules of Love:
“Where there is love, there is bound to be heartache.”

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