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Sounding like a Broken Record.


I was hurt and disappointed. I’ve always known the fact, that people who are close to you, the one you love the most is the one who hurts you. How hard it is to go through such a phase when they are acting their best to show you, they are heartless. Suddenly, you mean nothing to them. You are just a stranger they don’t give a fuck about!

First, they do something wrong and then they make you feel as if you’re the culprit. You are the one breaking hearts like it’s all our fault and then we drown ourselves in guilt, looking deep blaming our own selves.

They keep taunting you that you are the reason they are in this inevitable pain, giving hints in the words that cut like sharp edge knives. And what do you do? You just sit back blaming yourself. Going back making apologizes and all those “It won’t happen again” and “I am sorry”.

You should believe in yourself when you know that it wasn’t your fault. People tend to forget that we all are human beings and we are not perfect. We are not strong always, we have a heart too! We break and cry. There are times we are weak and mentally disturbed. Instead of understanding, we blame each other. That is no justice at all. We are all going through lamentations and we all have our own problems.

Instead of showing rudeness, anger, and lack of understanding, we should respect each others feeling, support, compromise, and put our egos aside. There is a moment where you reach a point for lack of patience. I am so done with the people. I am done here blaming myself for the things I’ve not done. I am done doubting myself just because someone is behaving insolently.

People will let you down in this life, promises will be broken. You should expect less of others and trust and believe more in yourself.

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