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It’s Hard to Unlove You


I’m watching the dark-grey sky

hoping that you’re seeing it too.

we never had those conversations

ones my mind kept thinking of.

Days become night

night becomes day

but my heart keeps whispering your name.

my mind replaying the scenes,

when we were together in a moment.

I’m on the clouds

with no fear of falling down.

 I can’t take this pain,

and I can’t unfeel it.

I am trying hard but it’s not happening.

His name is a bittersweet ecstasy

His voice is my energy,

His hazel eyes my sanity,

His heart my passion.

That’s how love I had imagined.

But how many signs

Do I need to see


assuring me


some things are not meant to be.

Strings of my heart are trying

to be free,


it’s tangled between this love and me.


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