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Piece By Piece


Piece by piece you pick yourself up.


What if they took something with them? The people who left us. Something that we owned. Maybe a piece of us or maybe a piece of our heart. Could that be possible? 

It’s more than weeks and I am functioning normally. No piece is detached from my body. Everything seems okay. I am still breathing, still smiling at people passing by. But why then I feel that something is still missing? Why this emptiness surrounds in my chest?

It’s like only I can feel the insurmountable anguish, a scream trying to free itself from my body and it’s imperceptible to the world. Maybe that’s why we tell them the white lies of “I’m fine” because they won’t comprehend or maybe we don’t have the strength to explain and go through that painful memory.

Why they have to leave in the first place? And now even if they have, then why they had to take a piece of us with them? Aren’t the memories enough that the mind plays like a record? They just come and suddenly they decide to leave without any warning and you feel like a fool for trusting them. The worse part is they take a part of you too. No matter if you have moved on or healed. There will always be an empty corner, a missing piece that you won’t get it back. 


You don’t need to wait for someone to come in your life and fill that missing piece. Yes, there will be a right person you will meet at some point of your life but till then, you try to fill that space with self- love. You have the power and magic in you.


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