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It is mend with Gold!

I am stunned by my heart,
How it can break multiple times,
You don't care, it's hard to mend.
Yet, as if it is made of gold,
It's rare and comes from the Earth's core.
Made from all the fusions and decay,
Oh, look how my heart needs energy,
When the star will collide in a supernova,
I will be out of my coma.
You think my time is finished,
Baby, don't be surprised by my worth,
I will gleam at the time of my rebirth.
Pieces of my heart are glued by gold,
You see how I became so strong,
The more it cracks, the gold deepens.
Neither you nor any chemical reaction can change it.

You are selfish. You keep coming back, so my heart could not get time to accept the consequences, and to recover from the grief manifested upon it. Yet, you are unfamiliar with my resilience. I have broken into fragile pieces, felt the sting and the agony that, now it does not affect me. I am trained, I am steady and serene and you are startled to see my power. I will be back much stronger every time.


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