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Scary stories to tell over Chai(tea)!

The story of Jinnistan is exactly what the title indicates. There are short, creepy tales that are eerie, yet fascinating at the same time. If there’s something Pakistanis love more than December weddings and desi food, it’s jinn stories. Additionally, if you are told that it is based on true events, then it definitely perks your excitement. The stories get scarier the deeper we drift in the book. It’s bone-chilling, frightening and hard to put down. These tales have no trace of cliches that we usually see in horror movies. They are fresh, and contemporary which grips you from the moment you open the book without being tedious.

The author in her tales makes apparent that the Jinns are surrounded by us and are among us unless, you cross that imperceptible thin line of our reality and theirs, offending them. Remember when our elders used to warn us about not taking anything from strangers, especially something to eat, I reckon after reading the book this warning makes sense to me.

All the praises for Ayesha Muzaffer, because she has done an impeccable job for her debut book! 👏 Moreover, in this extremely hot weather, for me, it was scary stories to read over cold water, ice-cream or juice rather than tea! 😜 

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