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I betrayed a Friend

Today I am not going to write about an intended subject and hit the publish button. Generally, it would have given me satisfaction and assured me that I am active. I cannot deny the fact that my priorities with this blog have changed. It is like I have betrayed an old friend.

Sometimes, I think I am alone in this writing journey, but then, all writers in the history of writing were lonely, nothing new there. They were just experiencing life and pushed themselves towards inspiration to write just like I am doing now. Although, it’s not like I gave up writing altogether. No, I have just ignored this platform which gave me so much of what I am today.

I remember, when I started this blog, I had no intention of gaining followers or popularity. All I wanted was to write until it didn’t hurt anymore. Plus, high school was tough, and I was depressed. So, I kept it simple, and I just penned honest feelings where every word dripped of honesty.

Now, things have shifted. I have changed. It feels as if I used this page for a selfish reason, and when I was done, I just abandoned it. All these years, I knew this inside my heart, but I kept neglecting it. This page and with my loyal readers give me so much love. It consoled me when I was grieving, pulled my burden off my shoulders and when the anguish was unbearable, it helped me breathe.

I was living with this guilt, but now I need to face it. I need to confront this truth. I have made this promise that I will do better. I will restart this journey with “Everyone Feels it”. This post marks the restoration of it. Maybe in the next 3 years, all I will care about is my words leaving my body and being free. You never know what the next phase of life will be. So, you got to hold onto things that matter the most to you.

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