My Story Through Poetry.

I am a student,a teenager who have bigger dreams and ambitions.I am very bookish,I love to live in those worlds that a book proffer.I believe that a strong bond of love can conquer anything.I am keen to learn about different cultures,meeting new people,and traveling the world.My imagination is boundless! I seek pleasures from simple things in life.I am determined and passionate with what I do and want to do.


My writing is like taking a picture of my heart and soul.Some of it is personal, and relates right now.Some of it was written years ago,and shines a light on how I’ve grown.But none the less,it is a self portrait of my inner being.Mostly my life reflects through my poetry.In it,you will perceive melancholy,significance of life,happy spirit,well expressed emotions,virtuous thoughts and much more.Writing is crucial to my heart.

I am here to inspire and motivate!

Beauty begins in that moment when you decide to be yourself.



16 thoughts on “About”

  1. ‘a teenager who has bigger dreams and ambitions’ totally defines you. Your blog is really optimistic and your thoughts, profound. It’s great to put in an effort for uplifting others through your words. πŸ™‚ keep writing.. !!

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