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Are you Ready? ( The ending note)

Dear 2019, If I could sum you up in three words, it would be growing, accepting and attaining goals. Thank you, for being so extraordinary and productive. You had your own charms that would never fade away from the memories I made. There were ups and downs, grief that took over some days, and desires… Continue reading Are you Ready? ( The ending note)

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Another world

I was rolling on love. Dancing at the beats of my heart. The world was oblivious, And I was too about the obvious. You can't compel a heart to feel something it won't. Yet the stories, my mind kept fantasizing. Losing wars with my heart, and I wasn't realizing. I talked about us like I… Continue reading Another world

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A magic spell that doesn’t last long.

    I believe life is extraordinary and things always get confusing but that's the beauty of it. Like every good moment, some things pass us by abruptly. And when they come, they come with no warning signs. Just like that, I was surprised that how a sudden intense emotion had the power to do… Continue reading A magic spell that doesn’t last long.