Some of you care
I know it
I haven’t forgotten
That your light for me
is still lit.
Some of you care
But none of you cared enough.
So when nobody was there
And the nights were like poison
the toxic filling my lungs
I made Him my reason
And from the dead a new me reborn.
HE is my savior
The symphony of nature
My purity and my danger.
HE made me discover
Who I was.
I was fierce
And strong,
And full of fire.
I know where I belong
I am the roses,
Proud of the thorns,
And I bloom even in the storms.



A girl without a name.


Sometimes I wonder if things truly never end, or if they keep on living inside us___killing us slowly.
Sometimes I wonder why good things end? Why do they end before they even began? Why do they end when you’re still not done writing the story?


I was here when you couldn’t see my affliction behind my smile.You asked me what happened whenever I looked drifted apart by my thoughts  and I always replied with a ‘Nothing’ Why you couldn’t see the truth behind those brown eyes?
I was here when I was drowning in silence,where you could save me but you were too busy.
I was here when at times I already felt dead but you could bring me back to live just by holding my hands.But simply you were not there.
I was here all this time standing alone, my scars speaking of my wars.
I gave everything to you.I think I was an extra for you.I always listened to your worries never let you faced those hardships alone.I was always there making you realize how strong you were.I simply was not only there in your good but bad times too.
But sadly you were not there when I needed you the most.That’s not fair I know but I forgive you.I tried to heal the wounds in your chest.I hope I did and I hope you’re feeling good now.I was here and I did my part.I found my peace in the infinity sky.I hope you’ve found yours too.Don’t live in regret it’s time you move on.


“You see we are humans and we need somebody once in a while.No matter how independent we are or how strong we are.We need somebody for a little while who can just hold your hand and say ‘It’s gonna be okay.Don’t worry I am here for you.’

Whispering Winds


I want to ask you
What it feels like to be numb?
Can you see me what I’ve become?
Helpless and tired with the outcome
Walking with no destination
See I am in vulnerable position
Only dreams are my last hope
Not holding on that same rope
I just want to let it go
I’ve learned my lesson
You can’t reach what’s in front
Until you let go of what’s behind
I’m holding on to you wind!
Whisper to my ears
All the things I wanna hear
Stories of strangers
Colors of cultures
And those places never been heard.

I feel the winds whispering
It’s okay to be suffering
Let me take you there
Where dreams come true.
Everything was so brand new.
I forgot everything
only remembering
that I was here.

Apology To My Youth.

When she finally stopped running from it,she saw how beautiful the truth really could be.
         __Jessica Michelle


I accepted every part of it.The truth that laid within me.I feel sorry that it took me years to figure out.I was neglecting every part that was chained with me but not anymore.


To my younger self,
I’m sorry for comparing you with others,I’m sorry at times I felt you weren’t enough.I’m sorry for not believing in you.I’m sorry you had to be embarrassed just because I was shy.I’m sorry for not standing up for you.I’m sorry that I allowed you to be afraid of the things that never mattered.I’m sorry that I let you believe that your worth was determined by the number of friends you had or how popular you were and by the grades you received on your report card.


I feel bad because I didn’t encouraged you.I kept you concealed in the dark.I’m sorry I prevented you from living boldly and openly.I’m sorry I never told you how beautiful you looked in the mirror, every time when you smiled, the world seemed to glow.I’m sorry I never told you that you were complete, that there was nothing you could change about yourself.You were who you were.


I am sorry I wasn’t there to motivate you when you were stressing over your exams.I am sorry I was not there whispering soothing words when you couldn’t stop crying.You were so depressed that you wanted everything to end.I’m sorry I was not strong enough to hold you.Those times when you let your mind win over you and it was so rigid to even get up.
But you still did it.You fall,you got up with triumph.You did it because you never stopped having faith.You never let that wee light of hope fade away.You survived successfully and for that I’m so proud of you!


I do hope that you comprehend that I was trying harder;that I never stopped trying.I always had faith in you.Do know that now it won’t be like before.I promise I will do my best to take care of you.I hope you know that I never intentionally put you down or tried to hurt you.Despite how may I have treated you,you still have lived a pleasing and courageous life this far.You have been a survivor.No matter what mistakes I made,I will always look back on your life with nothing but fondness and pride.But from today on I promise I will support you,love you,care for you.We will finally be a strong team that no one will break.
From today on I will be by your side.I will be your friend.I,now, know the truth and If ever the weight of the world tries to put you down I will be there to lift you up again.Just know that you are precious.


Visiting Yesterday


Visiting yesterday
I thought about it
When I said I won’t leave
I stayed through thick and thin
You kept me in deceive
Without doubt I let you in
At midnight, I lied
That I’m not sleepy
Just to be with you
Trust was never denied
And I cried
Because when it came to me
You never showed up
You left in peace

Left me in pieces
didn’t think for once.
Visiting yesterday
I realized the truth
You meant to me
But I nothing meant to you.

Nothing lasts forever.


There is an ocean of silence
There is a depth of pain
There is a bunch of feelings
And he is drowning in it.
Some days are filled with dejection
He is longing for her affection
At times death is the only way
A forlorn attempt to escape
He so much desired for her stay
Now he in darkness just suffocate.
But death is never the answer
Let the death be of your pain and past
See in the dark, a burning lantern
Not all the time everything last.

Continue to Do It.

Continue to love even when your heart is broken.
Continue to spread kindness even when you’re not getting it.
Continue to share your heart with others even it’s broken into wee pieces.
Continue to share smiles and cheers even when you’re witnessing pain.
Continue to trust people even when it has been broken a thousandth time.

Because Life is not for wasting.It is for living and spreading love,kindness,and tranquil.

And I know one thing for sure that broken people are the strongest people
I know.

Summer Love



I see her in cool shades

having some tan on the beach.

A sparkling blue sea,

I see him surfing on frothy waves.

The little kids building their dream sand castles,

Schools out and summer’s in.

Party nights blaring all the city

Water fights having everybody hell crazy

I see her losing herself  to the sounds,

of her favorite band .

Feeling the breeze on her face,

Exploring scenic country paths.

Laying on a rooftop all day,

cooling with an ice cream in hand,

The stars burning extravagantly all night.

I see her in the park with a book,

Chirping birds and scorching air flowing was all it took

to bring a smile on her face.

I see him looking at the bright white sky,

where pearly clouds have it all covered.

A season where we learn how to break the rules

Ignoring your head and following your heart

It’s just the start here

Everything’s so clear

Let’s give summer a big fat cheer!




THIS SUMMER: do something new,something you’ve never done.Something you were always scared of.This summer act crazy and don’t care about what people will think.This summer don’t worry if you’re single,that’s what friends are for,right?This summer set a new goal that you always wanted to achieve.This summer live each day as it is your last.Don’t stress over your body, you’re beautiful just the way you are.Breathe in the ocean and live it without regrets.Go out there leave your phone for sometime and just focus on living in the moments and making memories that you could cherish forever.

Mental Health Awareness.

Give yourself some credit. You’ve come pretty far.



Mental health is very important at every stage of life.It affects your behavior,thinking and how you feel.May is the mental health awareness month.There is no better time to spread awareness of mental health.Mental health is important as much as physical health.Remember that.


To anyone suffering from mental illness you are the mountain nobody can shake.You’re stronger because nothing is more terrifying than battling with your own mind everyday.
Your illness does not define you.Your strength and courage does.


Depression isn’t pretty but having depression doesn’t make you ugly.
Anxiety is a burden but having anxiety doesn’t make you a burden.
You aren’t your problems.You deserve respect and patience.
This is a fight you can win.Don’t give up.


When your bone is broken you don’t keep walking with it, you treat it.Going to a counsellor/therapist when you’re feeling down should be as going to the doctor when you have a bad cold.Why there is such a stigma around mental health? You don’t have to be ashamed or embarrassed because most people have no idea what battle your are fighting.They don’t comprehend.So just keep hanging in there.


Also I want to add is sadness isn’t depression.It’s like you’re drowning and you can’t get out of it.It’s like falling in dark from a height, realizing there is no end.It’s the screams inside your head.It takes lives! 
Stress isn’t anxiety.Thoughts aren’t schizophrenia.A lot of people need to understand the severity of mental illness.


Here are some points that I’ve to share with you all, resolve to improve your mental health.There are such points which I have to work on myself too.We all can do this together.We all know how important it is to take care of ourselves nothing is more crucial than our health.

  • Get enough sleep.
  • Pay attention to your feelings.
  • Spend some time in nature
  • Pursue a hobby.
  • Laugh often.
  • Grieve your losses.
  • Accept yourself, imperfections and all.
  • Ask for help from someone who you trust.
  • Practice gratitude daily.
  • Pray at least two times. (In the morning and before sleep)
  • Surround yourself with positive people.
  • Exercise
  • Remember it’s healthy to say “no” sometimes.
  • Forgive yourself when you screw up.
  • See a therapist.
  • Breathe
  • Get to know yourself.


Sometimes it’s okay if the only thing you did today was breathe. 


Do share your opinions.I would love to hear them. 🙂

This Song Is For You.



You gotta keep your head up on
Not everything’s gone
Just look up and see what a new day brings
You just keep on flying with your wings
I wrote this so I could dull your pain
No, your feelings were never vain
Everyday I wake up and I feel the same
We all are playing the same game
I got problems just like you
And I’m telling you you’re not alone
You are not on your own.
Life is all about making mistakes
Learning and not making it twice
We don’t have to fall from grace
We all are trying to rise
Don’t let the failure scare you away.
Life is full of sparks
Don’t let in the world dark’s
I know you get tired, you fall, you get up
I know you did it cause I did it too
Shed all the tears in the night
Just to smile in the morning
Get higher and start again walking
See, the stars are also praising.

This song is for you
Never changed,remained true.
Who got their heart broken.
Who are dreaming.
Never giving up
Trying to live up.
This song is for you.